Q: How does it work?

Sophisticated electronic sensors measure pressure and temperature and wirelessly transmit a signal to the display mounted on your dash where you can see the information in real time.

Q: Do the sensors go on the valve stem?

No. Tire Watch sensors go inside the tyre. This enables them to measure tyre temperature as well as pressure and it is a much more accurate and sophisticated sensor than the external ones avaialable. It is also more secure and safe from road debris etc.

Q: How do I know they are quality?

Tire Watch has been selected by BMW, Honda, Kawasaki and Triumph as genuine fitment for use on their models that come with tyre monitoring as either standard or optional. These manufacturers demand the very best quality and safest technology available.

The Tire Watch Road kit we offer also has features not offered on the genuine equipment models such as tyre temperature and adjustable thresholds.

Q: Does it fit my bike?

Yes, if you have a road bike with tubeless tyres it is 99% sure to fit!

Tire Watch fits pretty much all tubeless motorcycles and scooters.

Our Road Tire Watch kit comes with several adaptors to cover most bikes. One kit fits all!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Is it hard to fit?

It is very easy to install!

Once you have chosen where you would like the display to go you can use the components in the kit to mount it quickly. The sensors are mounted inside the tyres so once your tyre shop removes them it literally takes two minutes to install the angled valve and sensor….and there are no wires so nothing else to do except go for a ride!

Q: Does it have batteries?

For ease of install and operation the unit is wireless and runs on 3V lithium batteries for long life.

The display battery has a 2 year life expectancy and the NEW Gen 2  version sensor batteries have a 7 year life expectancy.

Q: What features does it have?

Features are-

  • LOW Pressure Warning
  • HIGH Temperature Warning
  • Adjustable Pressure Warning thresholds
  • Identifies Front or Rear Warning
  • Real Time Pressure Readout
  • Real Time Temperature Readout
  • Ambient Temperature Display
  • Clock
  • Metric or Imperial Readout
  • Waterproof
  • Pressure Accuracy 0.290075475 PSI


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