New Angled Valves!

Our new angled valves look superb!

They offer you-

  • Easy access to check your tyre pressures
  • Factory race look
  • Lighter weight equals less ugly wheel weights

Now standard in all Gen 2 kits!

Also available individually for all motorcycles that are fitted with Tire Watch as standard OEM  fitment from the factory eg Kawasaki GTR1400

30% Longer Battery Life!!

NEW GEN 2 KITS in stock!

GEN 2 Sensors have increased battery life up to 30% longer!

This means around a 7 year lifespan for average users!

That’s about $20 a year for your safety and peace of mind. We think that’s pretty awesome!


Good enough for Racers…..!

Yes…. they use Tire Watch in MOTO GP!

You know you have good grip with a Tire Watch!

Dont delay, once you have a Tire Watch you wont look back , (because you will already know exactly what your tyres are doing below you)!



SANTA is going crazy trying to deliver presents!!…… He will be even busier NOW!

“Oops… losing front tyre pressure….only one thing to do!”
“Pressure’s right, Temperature’s right… the grip is awesome!”



TIRE WATCH normally $349

NOW $299*

GET YOURS QUICK………..before stocks run out!

*plus postage. Offer valid until 25 Dec 2012.


“The Tire Watch guy said to get your tyre temperature up before you hook in….!”

Tire Watch support Tex and Bundy!

 Tex will be installing Tire Watch on his Suzuki Hyabusa and said ” I do about 80,000 km a year so Im looking forward to running Tire Watch on the bike and knowing exactly what the tyres are doing all the time”.

Bundy didnt really say anything but am sure she approves!

Tire Watch are supporting Tex and Bundy in their Charity Fundraising!
Tex, Bundy and Anja with Blue Busa