2016 GEN 2 Sensors have increased battery life,

lasting 30% longer!

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

(TPMS) for your motorcycle!

 TIRE WATCH can be fitted to most bikes with tubeless tyres.

One model  fits 99% of motorcycles and scooters!

Original Equipment on BMW, Honda, Kawasaki and Triumph (some models).

This display is indicating there is a low pressure situation with the front tyre. The red LED at the top of the display flashes as well as the arrow indicator to notify the rider of front or rear. Of course the threshold can be adjusted to whatever pressure you wish to be alerted at.

Tire Watch Road version in Alert mode- Video

DISPLAY features-

  • LOW PRESSURE ALARM – adjustable threshold
  • TYRE PRESSURE in real time
  • TYRE TEMPERATURE in real time


  • SAFETY- be alerted in milliseconds of a puncture
  • ECONOMY- better fuel economy and tyre mileage
  • PERFORMANCE-maximum traction for sports riding
  • WIRELESS-easy to install
  • ANGLED VALVES included

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    1. Hi Martin sorry for the delay. There was a hiccup with our website emails. Pricing is $329 AUD plus $20 AUD shipping to the UK. We have plenty of stock of the new Gen 2 Kits.
      Regards Peter

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